Events – season #6 (2021/2022)
BRD FIRST Tech Challenge Romania, season #6 (2021/2022)

Official announcement from 11th Jan. 2022

In this season the FTC Romania teams are invited to participate in 3 REMOTE Qualifying Regional Tournaments.
#1 Timisoara & Bucuresti
#2 Cluj & Bucuresti
#3 Iasi & Bucuresti

1/ The teams from Timisoara, Cluj and Iasi regions will be automatically allocated to each qualifying tournament, based on their geographical location.
2/ The split of the Romanian teams from Bucharest Region is done based on their registration no. RO_
3/ The International teams willing to participate in these 3 Remote Qualifying Regional Tournaments they will be allocated based on their request, keeping even the no. of teams in each Remote Qualifying Regional Tournament.)

REMOTE Qualifying Regional Tournaments 2022

Each team will be invited to participate in one of the following qualifying tournaments- eliminatory tournaments:
(the teams will be automatically allocated to each qualifying tournament – closest to their region)


City Date Venue Team List [pdf]
#1 Timisoara & Bucuresti Feb 14- Feb 20
(results on Feb 27)

See the list→

#2 Cluj & Bucuresti Feb 28 – Mar 6
(results on Mar 13)

See the list→

#3 Iasi & Bucuresti Mar 14 – Mar 20
(results on Mar 27)

See the list→

See the list→

FTC Romanian National Championship 2022

The event will be HYBRID (remote judging & games on the field)
The event will take place on April 2-April 3.
The location is to be announced.
The no. of teams to be qualified is to be announced.


Regulations for REMOTE & HYBRID Events

to be followed by all teams attending the REMOTE Qualifying Regional Tournaments and HYBRID National Championship season 2021-2022

• Each team will train 2 REFEREEs, and get them CERTIFIED (please attend the trainings and webinars prepared for this topic; follow the YouTube channel
• International no. to be obtained as following the team registration in this season on
• Practice as many games in remote system using the platform:
• Register on to have access to details about the Romanian REMOTE Qualifying Regional Tournaments (schedule, regulations, link for inspection, link for #1 match)
• Organize or participate in DEMO Competitions to get used with the video camera set-up (details about filming the games – in the REMOTE Games Regulations by Natie Prin Educatie – regulations to be published on Jan 17th)

Referee Manual (

Game Manual Remote events
– Part 1 ( )
– Part 2 (\

Robot Inspector Manual (

Field Inspector Manual (

Legal & Illegal Parts (